East Pasadena Explained

East Pasadena encompasses everything east of Hill Avenue.  If you live in this area, it’s ok – just don’t tell anyone.

Major architectural themes involve concrete and car dealerships, although there are a few hidden gems.


Target Colorado Blvd Pasadena

No, this isn’t a view of Burbank airport taken from the runway.  This is a view of the Target in east Pasadena, a seething mass of concrete and undisciplined children situated on Colorado Blvd.

Did you know that this megaTarget not only contains more concrete than the Roman Colosseum, but that the concrete emits enough heat to power a small K-mart?

The Pasadena Snob, of course, prefers the Target on Colorado just west of Lake, which has upgraded itself into respectability, despite the bad parking situation.


The Colorado Bar Pasadena

A true dive bar reeking of old beer, mold and old beer mold.  The Colorado Bar is so nasty, so dirty, that it actually has character and is somehow an approved establishment.  Much like Hugh Hefner.  But only when your wife or girlfriend is out of town.

As of 2 or 3 years ago, patrons still smoked in the bar and threw their butts on the floor.

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