Ugly Chinese Cement Lions Prey Upon The Landscape

Every beauty in the world has his or her own flaws.  And Pasadena is no different.

Marilyn Monroe had her mole, Pamela Anderson has Tommy Lee, and the Mona Lisa has Paris.

Why should Pasadena be an exception?


In the savannahs of Africa, lions often appear out of nowhere to attack their prey.  Similarly, in the Pasadena environs, your aesthetic sensibilities may be assaulted by cement lions if you are not on your guard.

small cement lion statue

These are small lions, merely cubs.  Let us continue on with our leonine safari.

Most of the large, fully grown ugly cement lions can be found in their natural habitat – San Marino.  But we do not want to leave Pasadena proper.  With a little driving about in our Land Rover we surely can find some- wait!

There it is!  Shhh, let’s approach quietly…

cement lion statue 2

OK, let’s move in…

cement lion statues 3

Someone call 911!  Those four ugly Chinese lions are about to eat Buddha!  At least we know he’ll make a good meal……

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