TJ Maxx Coming To South Lake Ave In Pasadena: It Suxx

tj maxx coming soonYes, it’s true.  It’s really happening.  This is not a drill.  T.J. Maxx is coming to South Lake Ave.  Attention residents of the 91106: burn your houses, and move to Sierra Madre.  You will thank me later.

tj maxx 455 s lake ave

Welcome To The Ghetto.

The South Lake Avenue Shopping District Welcomes You

It all started when Ross (Dress For Less (TM)) arrived on Lake Avenue.  Locals shrugged it off, figured it was just a fluke, a necessary evil.  After all, where else could San Marino’s housekeepers shop during their lunch break while staying close to their place of work?  And besides, if you ever wanted to see a 14 year old girl pushing a stroller, you now knew where to go.

ross south lake avenue pasadena

Ross, that scab on the lip of South Lake Ave

But then (this is a true story), just a few years ago, Tiffany’s wanted to come to South Lake.  And so did Saks Fifth Avenue.  These two stores moving in would have cemented South Lake Shopping District as a bona fide swanky ass area.  The only conditions Tiffany’s and Saks had before they would open up on South Lake?   Ross had to go.  Ross had to relocate.

Would Ross move to a more appropriate area?  No.

So therefore, Tiffany’s opened up in Old Town and Saks went…I’m not sure where.  But this shows how one bad apple can ruin the block…

To make things worse, Borders closed in 2011.  And now, in 2012, T.J Maxx is moving in.  It suxx.  Some say that the “T.J.” in “T.J. Maxx” stands for Tijuana.  I’m not sure, but I have an email out.

Ominous clouds gather behind TJ Maxx

Remember the goold ole days, way back in 2006?  When South Lake had stores that looked nice and upscale?  Sure you never went in them, but so what?  Remember Smith & Hawken?

Cute...and gone. Will be a Payday Loan Center by 2013.

Remember the oh so cutesy doors it had?

Well, you can forget about it.  Those days are gone.  South Lake has managed to manage itself into the ground.  But I’m not worried; I have applied for a permit to build a strip club in the old California Pharmacy space (just need to get that puppy mill evicted). Fingers crossed it goes through!

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2 Responses to TJ Maxx Coming To South Lake Ave In Pasadena: It Suxx

  1. Caroline June 12 at 8:28 am #

    Was Tiffany’s really going to move in??? REALLY???? I WOULD’VE DIED FOR TIFFANY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SAKS??? SAKS??? DON’T GET ME STARTED ON SAKS…

    • pasadenasnob June 13 at 10:31 am #

      yes, it’s true that both Saks and Tiffany’s were going to move to South Lake…on condition that Ross be moved out. Ross wouldn’t move, so therefore no Tiffany’s and Saks in South Lake.

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