Pasadena Mystery Spots!

Pasadena is one of the most ancient areas of Los Angeles (incorporated 1886 A.D.), and as such it contains many mystery spots.  Located on the Ring Of Fire, within the mystical West Coast, it should be no surprise.

East coast joke:  Why is California like trail mix?

Answer:  Because it’s all flakes, fruits, and nuts.


For years, rumors abounded of a mysterious cult located on Sierra Madre Ave, just south of Colorado Blvd.  As part of an effort to celebrate our Mystery Spots, Pasadena Snob decided to take a peek.

The picture below is of the front view of this location on Sierra Madre.

Let’s analyze this building.   Would you mind?

  • The white iron gates, with spear tips, show a desire to shut itself off from the outside world.
  • The centralized nature of the design proclaims a religious certitude of its version of the truth.
  • The fact that the street lights are on during the middle of the day shows that something is a bit off here.

Anyone in the mood for a deprogramming?

Rose Of Light Temple Sierra Madre Blvd Pasadena

But what really is mysterious about this structure is the lettering above the door.  Let’s zoom in…

Rose Of Light Temple door

The door signage says “I AM / ROSE OF LIGHT TEMPLE”.   Further investigation reveals that this mystery spot is part of this whole thing, which appears to be a mellow blend of ultra-70′s style California new ageism mixed with Christianity.  Almost an ironic, retro relic, as it were.  How’s your aura doing lately, by the way?


<Insert Twilight Zone Theme>

Planetary Society Sign

Space.  The final frontier.

The Planetary Society occupies a nice looking, old-and-comfortable roomy house on Mentor, the kind that have been driven to near extinction due to the raging “luxury condo” epidemic.  Nonetheless, it certainly looks out of place.

But we digress…

The Planetary Society in Pasadena

While local legend has it that this is a UFO cult, it’s actually not a cult.  Well, almost.  The more you delve into the Planetary Society, the more you are reminded of a 1979 In Search Of… episode entitled “UFOs: Fact Or Fiction?” narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

The Planetary Society’s website is high on hopes, but short on delivery.  Could it be that this is really just a remote controlled Lego car with duct tape with a Mars background?

It turns out that the Planetary Society is really a touchingly naive space exploration nerdfest on a tight budget run by people who may have Star Trek uniforms in their closets.

Perhaps this mystery was better left unexamined, as a UFO cult in our midst certainly would be more fun to believe in.

Because the Planetary Society is helping preserve local character in an albeit unintentional way, it is actually approved.

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