Pasadena Wind Storm And Wind Damage

Did you leave your car parked outside last night?  If so, you might have regretted it this morning.

As anyone living in Pasadena knows, we had an incredible wind storm last night.  Buildings shook, leaves flew everywhere, and at about 11PM, every single household had someone in it saying, “what the **** is going on outside?”

This morning, the damage from all the wind was clear to see.  Forget about the carpet of leaves and branches; there were trees down everywhere.  And many of them were on cars.

The pictures below were taken in a small, 6 block radius around CalTech; there were probably trees down on almost every single street in Pasadena.

Here are some pictures of the wind storm damage from Green St, in the Catalina Ave intersection area:

wind damage pasadena green street

Let’s look closer…

wind storm damage in pasadena

Knowing the Pasadena Parking Police, how come this guy hasn’t gotten a parking ticket yet?

wind damage green street

Someone’s insurance is totally going to go up.

damaged car tree fallen

Would have been scary if you were sitting in the car at the time!

wind storm car damaged

Above, the back windshield is broken.  I bet there are already two homeless people camping out in this car.

Below is another scene, still on Green St.  This time, at the intersection of Raymond Ave.   Trees knocked down as far as the eye can see.


This has to be one of the most photographed scenes in Pasadena history. Every bystander, everyone on their lunch break was taking pictures.  One car I saw going by had 4 people taking cellphone pictures at the same time.

Let’s look to the right on the scene above.


OMG I think there’s a car under there…let’s get closer…


Yes, it’s a white Lexus.  So you don’t have to feel too bad.

Here are some other tree-on-car pictures from elsewhere in Pasadena:


And another…


Below is a tree very narrowly missing a house on Steuben St.  This is a bad picture, but the tree has fallen towards the house.


Below, a tree leaning against 1127 E Del Mar.  I bet your HOA is going to go up again!


Central Park had multiple large trees felled by the wind.  Serves you right if you live in The Abomination.


And so on, while not every block had car-on-tree, most had some kind of tree blocking the road, as at Caltech below.


To give you the flavor of the scene, in case you missed it.  Every sidewalk in Pasadena looked like the shot below, with a carpet of leaves and fallen branches.


Lots of roofing material all over the place…


And my personal favorite, the satellite dish on the ground.  I saw a few of these; they gave a nice Midwest tornado type of feel.  Except our houses cost 5 times more.


Also surprising were the number of “For Sale” and “For Rent” signs all over the road and sidewalk.  Looks like Pasadena’s Realtors will need to get out there tomorrow and putting up their ubiquitous Open House signs again.  Only then will Pasadena truly start to heal.

Not everyone disliked our violent wind storm last night.

Roofers, unemployed landscapers, unemployed satellite dish installers, and of course the media enjoyed it tremendously.

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3 Responses to Pasadena Wind Storm And Wind Damage

  1. Hendrika Vande Kemp December 2 at 2:43 am #

    Thanks for the photos. I’m following this disaster in my old hometown from a distance and appreciate actually being able to see the damage, which looks very much like the aftermath of a hurricane, without the water.

  2. Andi December 6 at 11:28 pm #

    My son said some dorm mates had a tree fall into their path walking home on campus late last week. So glad no one was hurt.

  3. Knuckledragger December 10 at 5:56 am #

    A very accurate presentation of the facts. Every single street in Pasadena lost trees, roofing or other damage. 10 days later, most crap is still in the streets. It is so overwhelming to comprehend, I think I’ll just build a rocket ship to Mars instead.

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