The Abomination at 115 E. Del Mar Blvd

A plague of awful condo development is bad enough.  But then, one day, appeared the Abomination; a hideous apartment megadevelopment oppressing the intersection of Del Mar and Raymond.  Right in the very heart of Pasadena!

Who gave the permit?  Who allowed this to happen?  Who will stop the condo development madness, lest Pasadena turn into the crowded, trafficy, homeless plagued…..ugly even to contemplate…SANTA MONICA!!

“When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand)…” – Matthew 24:15


115 E Del Mar Blvd Pasadena far view
Sprawling puke, rust and grey…a color scheme right out of Tijuana…featureless like a prison…rude in its sheer ugliness…The Abomination looms like dog droppings on the living room rug.  How did this happen?

But let us confront our weaknesses, lest we hide from them.  Let’s move closer…

115 E Del Mar Blvd Pasadena near view

The blue MOVE HERE NOW PLEASE banners are a sign that they are not really filling the place up, so at least we have some kind of silver lining for this awful cloud.  Let’s continue on our approach…

115 E Del Mar Blvd over train tracks

This monstrosity is built DIRECTLY OVER TRAIN TRACKS, contradicting one of the most basic of real estate maxims.  Proximity to airports, train tracks, and freeways = bad real estate.  Welcome, downtown L.A. law office yuppies and metros!

Let’s move forward with our inspection…what’s the neighborhood like?  Even though the complex is unconditionally awful, maybe the neighborhood is on the good side?

Central Park Pasadena

Oops!  Not so much.  View of patrons of Pasadena’s Central Park, across the street from the ugliplex.  These are the people who will be breaking into your car three weeks after you move into The Abomination.  Please don’t come crying to us when this happens.  We warned you.

Shall we persevere on?  Yes.  From this vantage point, let’s take another look at this behemoth of a waste of some wonderful real estate…

115 E Del Mar Blvd western view

Looks like a minimum security prison – or a bleak, Dickensian factory producing urinal pucks for the troughs in Dodger Stadium men’s rooms…let’s view from the far western side…

115 E Del Mar Blvd Pasadena side view

No comment needed.  Always remember the number 115 E Del Mar and consider it unlucky…

115 E Del Mar Blvd sign


2 Responses to The Abomination at 115 E. Del Mar Blvd

  1. Knuckledragger December 10 at 5:47 am #

    You think that is bad? Compared to the hideous infestation of corrugated metal and pipe at the corner of Los Robles and Orange Grove, it is high art.

  2. DG January 19 at 5:19 pm #

    I don’t want to live in Santa Monica, but I wouldn’t mind Santa Monica’s real estate prices. Then I could sell my house and move somewhere else. Too bad, because I really liked Pasadena once.

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