Board Of Trustees

PasadenaSnob is a for-profit, private institution headed by a Board Of Trustees.

The Board meets monthly at the Athenaeum.  Meetings are closed to the general public.

Current members include:

Judge Smails Pasadena Snob Board Of Trustees Judge Elihu Smails – Judge Smails is a now retired judge, hailing originally from the midwest.  Aside from his distinguished judicidal career, Judge Smails is also a founding member of the Bushwick Country Club.



William and Mortimer Duke of Duke and Duke CommoditiesRandolph Duke – Randolph Duke is a former owner of Duke and Duke Commodities Brokerage Co.  Formerly of Philadelphia, he has also since retired to Pasadena.

Mortimer Duke – Mortimer Duke also headed Duke and Duke.  A proud former member of The Heritage Club, Mortimer continues his tradition of excellence and condescension in Pasadena.

J. G. Boswell Pasadena Board of TrusteesJ.G. Boswell – Pasadena native J.G. Boswell runs the J.G. Boswell Corporation, headquartered in Pasadena.  The company is one of the world’s largest cotton producers, owning hundreds of thousands of acres of agricultural land in California.


Charles White SecurityCharles White – Security









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