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Back in the early fifties Colorado Blvd. and Pasadena were most exciting places. I lived in Arcadia but worked in Pasadena earning my way through USC. One place I remember working was Leeds Shoe’s on Colorado. Anyhow, the picture you have of Suicide Bridge at the end of Colorado is much prettier than I remember. It had a wire fence installed above the railing in those days. I don’t seem to be able to make that out on your picture. Did they find another way to keep people from jumping. How many people have jumped over the years, any records on that? That sounds like an interesting story by itself.

I didn’t see anything on good or bad schools in Pasadena page. One school that I thought was fabulous was Pasadena City College. For a Junior College of that day, it had a fabulous campus and the instructors were top notch. I took a number of chemistry and math courses there with great instructors. One instructor I remember fondly was Dr. Frantz, Ph.D. He spoke with a German accent and was a great instructor. Another school in Pasadena, that is has been around a very long time and has ever had an excellent reputation is Westridge Girls School. For those who can afford the fare, it is a very special place.

Pasadena, I am sure is a grand place, but don’t see it as having the grandeur it once had. Any historical ride down Orange Grove Ave. could put you in touch with a different era of Pasadena’s history. I have not been in California for forty years and Pasadena much longer than that, but people I know who still live in Pasadena and surrounding areas tell me it is only a very sad shell.

“R”, A Man Who Saw It All And Just Knows Its All Going To Hell

To Whom it may concern,

This website cracks me up, but I believe we were promised pics from the Pasadena Marathon. Were you planning on taking care of  that this year, or are you waiting for next years marathon? Just wondering…i’m a concerned fan of the website. It’s a little discouraging to go online hoping to find something new and exciting and I just come empty handed. I don’t ask for much…just an update.

Thanks for your time…
Anxiously waiting!!!

– Anastasia Beaverhousin

You haven’t mentioned the arroyo parkway new gateway “landscaping’  ( the
certainly is not an example of anything resembling landscape architecture)
and crosswalks, which at their very best are reminiscent of inland empire
shopping outlets.  The date palms are wrong here, especfially dowen the
middle of the street and those crosswalks are attrocious!

What has happened to pasadena?  Is no one home!

L.S., Who Correctly Reported Things That Needed Reporting


Where did you guys go? My husband and I just stumbled on your site! What a HOOT!!!! We too love the Colorado, miss The Boat and mourn the loss of Clearman’s Steak and Stein. We also really enjoyed The Trails in Duarte – but that’s a bit far east.

Come back! We want to hear more bellyaching! There is so much more to complain about!!!


A Devoted Fan


excellent job educating the masses to the threat of a plastic bagless society.  continue to “keep it real”.



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